Do you think about Eviolite murkrow? (REAL) dpl 9 meme thread


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Fangame10 Yoda2798 - Ty both for drafting me and giving me a chance, sorry I was pretty dissapointing with my play hope I made up for it with support. (Also thanks for not benching me after the rfn incident into playing abysmally the next week) Thank you for offering amazing support as well.

Sanjay das - I didn't know who you were until DPL though I was blown away by how hard working you were. I remember running like 15 test games before your first game. Looking foward to teaming with you again in blt

Feyy - Your a huge if not the main reason our sv was able to outperform expectations, though should be expected from someone whos goated enough to qualifiy for lt twice in once cycle (hope i didn't annoy you too much by telling you to load tusk every week)

Ninja - Fun teaming up with you again, Looking foward to teaming up with you in blt

Amaranth - Fun teaming up with you again, I respect you for holding players accountable after misplays rather than just saying something vauge like nt

Platinum God n1n1 - Fun playing a shit ton of ss with you, Goated support and chat presence.

AIRedzone - I had no intentition of playing or even thinking about duu past maushould cup but seeing you play has made me reconsider. Fun watching you break expectations

Akaru Kokuyo SMB - Didn't get to talk to you guys too much bc of me not knowing old gens though it was fun teaming with you and watching you play (besides when akaru got unlucky). Look foward to playing both of you in blt.

Bless - It was nice to have an excuse to run even more test games with you, Ty again for supporting us the whole season

glimmerrdust - Ty for supporting us the whole season, in an sv meta where everyone has different opinons and with me having a lot of weird takes it was amazing to have someone's whos takes I constantly agreed with

D-Striker - Didn't get to talk to you that much though when I did you seemed really cool, hope your still chasing the bag

Aldrich - Goated chat presence throughout the season

Nido-Rus , bage1 , Frixel , ratpacker - Ty for joining us for poffs your support was much appreciated (Wasn't able to use much of your cooking due to wanting to use what i was familar with for poffs though I will for sure have to test some of the fire that was posted in sv-general) & Frixel looking foward to dominating blt with you

Even though dpl didn't go as well as I'd hope, it was very fun and for sure has improved my ability to build & support

bunnyy Thank you for hosting this amazing tour and all the other cool stuff you do like the sheets, I'm sure its not easy especially when you have dumbasses doing stuff like scheduling past the deadline (sorry again for that lol)


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I put off making a shoutout post for way too long and I used up too much mental energy, but everyone on the Cratermakers was SUPER cool, and our season was competitive up until the very end, so I'm not leaving without saying anything.

zee was there from the start, was a rock in XY, and helped support oldgens the whole season. Thanks for being a great co-manager and friend (and sorry again about the whole DUbers thing last DPL)!
Animus you just brought teams and kicked ass, even in the middle of a hectic VGC schedule. Never change. drive me to a regional again?
Tman you had an unfortunate season, SM pool was crazy and a few games didn't want to cooperate, but you put in a bunch of work and brought cool stuff.
jonas thanks for being my sparring buddy for a lot of the season and for sanity checking some of my teams. You put in some solid work on your own too.
Zeal you started a little late but came in hot, helping out a ton in both DOU and DUU and just killing the competition.
laptops you were always around to help out when needed and helped keep us in competition in mid season, and you had a bunch of cool team ideas. Explosion Garganacl is now the only set I will run
smudgerox POST TIMESKIP SMUDGE THE GOAT. I know your season wasn't all that great either, but you stepped up big time for a format you'd never played before and proved yourself in a tough field. Go fulfill your Natdex dreams now
tennisace man it was good to talk to you again, it's been ages. Sorry I didn't get you on the field more, but you had some sick team ideas and your food pics were the best moral support we had all tournament.
Frixel grinding DUU was way more fun than I expected it to be, and your DOU help was valuable too. Sorry for using HP Ice Aegislash against you earlier today, that was kind of cringe and I will do it again.

I want to separate out this one: xqiht I'm sorry I didn't really get you more involved with the team. I knew going in that your availability was limited, but I didn't really put in the work to engage with you and find the best times to talk. I know you're a great player, and I hope your next DPL experience is a better one. Thanks for continuing to support the Cratermakers even late into the season! (And please never let me build manual Sun in anything ever again.)

OH YEAH I FORGOT THE HELPERS I'm double posting and I'll merge this with the last post. I just want everyone to get their notification!

NinjaSnapple I snatched you up as soon as I saw you went undrafted and you continued to prove all season that I made the right decision. The logo absolutely rules too.

eragon11145 Nephtyrix big pichu DaAwesomeDude1 thanks for helping out week 7 (and in dad1's case, earlier in the season too).

and thanks to bunnyy for hosting!!


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Arcticblast - If someone told me immediately after the INCIDENT that I'd eventually be on your DPL team, I'd have just laughed, but here we are. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a chance, and I'll always appreciate it. You're a great manager, player, and friend. I hope I have an opportunity to be on a team of yours again.

zee - You, unquestionably, are the reason I had any chance at doing well this DPL. You've taught me more about mons than any other single person. Thank you for taking me under your wing and building for me, looking forward to grinding classic further with you and learning even more.

Animus - The SS killer. I'd never met you before, heard of a little, but I'm super glad I got to because you're funny as hell and super chill. Really glad I got to be on a team with you. Keep being awesome and hopefully I'll get to meet you and Zee at a regional one day soon. Come play NatDex Marsh is legal. :totodiLUL:

jonas - A fellow Westie, it was great to have someone I already knew on the team. Had a ton of fun practicing with you, you have cool ideas and a great mind for the game. Let's crush the next DWOCP, and I'm sure I'll see you at a CA regional eventually. Can't wait.

Zeal - The god carry. I honestly had only seen you around a few times, but glad I got to meet you as well. Your run this DPL after being slotted in was truly incredible + you're insanely clutch. Super hype player. Looking forward to watching your games in the future.

Frixel - An excellent DUU player with tons of potential. Besides my own games, learning stuff about DUU by talking and testing with you was probably my favorite part of this DPL. Shame about your luck this season, you deserved a much better record I think.

Tman - I had a ton of fun watching your games, even if they went a little sideways, but I wish I was able to help more with prep, you deserved more support and a better record.

tennisace - Cool guy, good hypeman, kept the team fed with lovely food pics through the season. Keep em coming!

xqiht - As big pichu said, you are hype. Shame I didn't really get to interact with you, but I think you're a sick player and looking forward to watching you pop off in the future as you have a sky-high ceiling.

laptops - Thanks for the help on my homework and for using Explosion Garg that was based. Always enjoy talking to you.

- Support -

DaAwesomeDude1 - The other half of the reason for any success I had this DPL - thank you for being a rock for me and keeping me grounded before and after series, and testing and building with me. Glad to have such a great friend. Insane run too, biggest steal of DPL. Go win BW cup.

AIRedzone - Another guy who helped me loads and one of my best buds, hyping eachother up was funny as hell, another steal in the draft. <3

NinjaSnapple - Thank you for the help scouting when needed, and for the awesome logo. Love hanging out with you, and we still need to play Deep Rock after my semester ends.

eragon11145, big pichu, Nephtyrix - Greatly appreciate the help in the last week, sadly couldn't capitalize on it but that's how it goes.

All said, my first DPL was an awesome experience besides my own record, can't wait for the next one. Gotta keep grinding and getting better.
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Shoutouts + Meme Teams that never got used
late but I've been inspired by the activity on this thread tonight

Tenzai Thanks for drafting me and showing support throughout the season. I know things didn't turn out the way you expected or hoped, but you're a great dude and it was nice to work with you. I'm sorry I wasn't worth the 18k lol

Éric I didn't get to talk with you a whole lot, but you were always nice and I'm glad to have been on the same team with you. I hope you stick around and play more dou :)

MADARAAAA You are the greatest player I've ever gotten to build with. I know the season didn't go the way we wanted, but it was really a pleasure getting to build on the same team and test together. You've already gotten a seasonal win this year, but I know you aren't done yet and I'm excited to see where you go from here :)

Hugo (and Despacito87) I'm so glad I got to know you two this DPL and I'm looking forward to more fun times with fake stall, podcasts, and whatever else we mess around with lol

Nephtyrix You were one of the best presences on the team, building tons of fun teams and helping out everyone with their games. You're a duu legend (high chance to kill) and it was great having you around!

Meminger21 Absolutely the biggest steal of the draft, you build and play SS like no other, and it was great to have you around!

Ann You were so cracked at SM, thanks so much for helping teach me more about the tier. I had a very good time playing against you in our tests!

talkingtree It was super epic having you around, you gave us a much needed morale boost every time you played and you played super great in XY. You've really given me a greater appreciation for a tier that I didn't know much about before DPL!

Voltix You're such a positive person to have on a team, even if you didn't play a lot of games it was absolutely fantastic to have you around!

KyleCole I was really happy when I saw we were on the same team at the beginning of the season, and at the end I feel the same way. I really appreciate the creativity and humor that you bring to the table :)

miltankmilk I know it was a frustrating season, but I hope you got something out of it. I had a good time cooking up ideas with you in the early weeks.

RelicanthPrimal Things didn't turn out the way we expected, but it was cool to have your perspective on teambuilding and such. You got pretty unlucky in your games but I really appreciated how you continued to offer input throughout the season.

Neblina I really appreciated your help with teambuilding and testing, you had some really cool ideas that I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to explore further.


It's no secret at this point that I make some pretty wild stuff when I'm bored. Here's some of the crazy teams that I built and never saw the glory of the battlefield.
:Stonjourner: funny gravity team (obv no sleep)
:Beartic: :Orthworm: I'm not entirely sure what this was supposed to be
:Quaquaval: Jank Rain team(ignore the fact the hands is safety goggles tera grass)
:Glalie: Moody is one of the abilities of all time
:Iron Thorns: Weird Trick Room team
:Dachsbun: Probably the best team here, fun howl team
:Riolu: This was less bad than it should have been.
:Toxapex: not sure what this was
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Arcticblast - You are a good captain, thank you very much for buying me on DPL, and I am also sorry for my poor performance on week1 and week2: (. Although we haven't been together for a long time, I think we get along very well (probably? Lol) To be honest, when Yoda said you were going to be banned, I was a bit sad, but fortunately it was an April Fool's joke.(Manual Sun is a crazy idea lmao)

I'm sorry, as I don't have a discord, I know very little about my teammates and even have a one-sided view. If I offend you, I'm deeply sorry

Frixel - As smudgerox said, you are an excel DUU player with tons of potential Shame about your luck this season, you deserved a much better record I think.

Zeal - When I heard the captain say he wants to replace me with you, I was a bit confused because I haven't heard much of you (forgive a newcomer for not being able to remember everyone's names). However, seeing you win game after game, I can only say: Zeal is amazing!

smudgerox - What I want to tell you is the same as what he said
I know your season wasn't all that great either, but you stepped up big time for a format you'd never played before and proved yourself in a tough field. Go fulfill your Natdex dreams now
As big pichu said, you are hype
yes,you are right

zee - The role of xy in the team is expected to be discussed more with you on the PS Chinese forum

jonas - A great SV player

Tman - What i want to tell u is the same as what he said
I had a ton of fun watching your games, even if they went a little sideways, but I wish I was able to help more with prep, you deserved more support and a better record.
tennisace -
tennisace - Cool guy, good hypeman, kept the team fed with lovely food pics through the season. Keep em coming!
laptops - I didn't expect you to be a substitute with me,lmao

Forgive me for writing hastily in the end. I'm sorry that I don't have more time. If I have time tomorrow, I will make up for it! Finally, thank Bunnyy for organizing this event


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Well I was going to make a team dump with shoutouts, buy my post got deleted half way through it so I will divide into 2 so I can keep procastinating the dump ...

(I'll follow arctic's order so if I forget anyone blame arctic)

@ DPL - I honestely didn't expect to be drafted after some not good showings in sv and the late of ss, but we're here. It was an awesome time being around and playing against the best people the community has to offer. It was an amazing experience that teached me a lot.

Arcticblast Thank you for the confidence, it was an amazing time teaming up with you and playing both sv metas, you're a great player and builder and truly a blast. You're crazy for drafting me, but I'm very thankful for ending on your side, this dpl experience wouldn't have been the same

zee thank you as well for the confidence and for carrying old gens. Unfortunately I don't know shit about these tiers, but seeing you play and talk about them makes it seem so much simpler than what they are

Animus you're so good, it's so fun seeing you pick a team x time before the game and proceeding to see you in smashing time

Tman as someone who saw all your hard work behind the scenes, you didn't deserve the record you had

jonas it was fun teaming up with you again and playing by your side, it is good seeing you've improved so much and the player you're now

Zeal what a heat check, you came in so hot and did amazing in sv, it was great testing with you and looking forward to sm!

laptops idt we got to interact much, but I love your ideas and thinking in the builder, they came pretty handy in a lot of different moments for our dou

smudgerox ayyy thanks for all the tests and help with duu! (sorry for not retributing, but we all know how good am I at bw). We didn't have the best season, but you put a lot of work learning the tier during its PL in a hard pool

tennisace it was great teaming up with you, but what am I gonna make for dinner tonight? You're an awesome guy to have around, thank you for all the help!

xqiht it was a shame you couldn't be around us, wish next time things can be different

NinjaSnapple you were a very important member to us, thank you for your effort and contributions, hope to see you on these playing fields on day

AIRedzone thank you for helping and testing with me after our game. It helped me get the feel of a team against different matchup and get more duu games and experience under the belt, you had a weck of a performance

Nephtyrix go europe! thank you for your help last week, you're a great player and you should def have more trust in you!

big pichu thank you for the last week help and test as well! (and sorry for haxing during our game)

DaAwesomeDude1 eragon11145 didn't get to interact much with you, but you are both incredible at the game
Yellow Paint Mizuhime I most certainly wouldn't be writing this post if it weren't for you, thank you for teaching me a lot of what I know today and knowing you're ready to help me with whatever
Mizuhime you deserve your own thank you mention as you were an integral part of helping me getting started with DUU and testing, the experience was amazing and Im looking forward to keep smashing you in sv, getting schooled in xy and everything else
Ninja I don't think I would still be playing this game if it wasn't for getting to know and team up with you, you taught me a different way and pov to look at the game, just wanted to mention this so fuck you
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That's it for DPL this year! Congratulations to the Thieves for winning despite walking the hardest road. I hope everyone who participated and spectated had a great time, and I would love to see everyone back for the upcoming Doubles Derby and DWCOP in the next few months! I wouldn't be able to host this tournament without the community's guidance and voluntary work on several resources, so I have a few shoutouts to make:

First and foremost, a big thank you to all players and managers. Tournaments are nothing without its participants, so I'm grateful for everyone's time, involvement, and commitment. Even if I sometimes seemed aggravated, I do believe Doubles is an engaged and positive community and I will always be thankful for it. To those affected by my mistakes throughout the tournament I offer my apologies: I will do better in the future. To any player and/or manager who wants to share their thoughts on their tournament experience, you can do so in the Post DPL 9 Survey. The hosting team will use it to make more informed decisions on future installments of various team tournaments.

A thank you to the hosting team (Actuarily, Arcticblast, Yoda, and zoe) for trusting me to host DPL 9 and answering dozens of my questions throughout. I believe that we did a good job hosting this year and that we'll be even better in future installments. I hope to continue to be a part of improving DPL and other Doubles resources in the future as well. Also a thank you to the Tournament Hosts Central and its users who helped me, with a shoutout to Amaranth in particular: I don't know where you get the time and energy from to organize all these resources while answering dozens of questions, but your efforts go noticed and positively reverberate through all of Smogon. Thank you for that.

To talkingtree and Level 51 who created, maintained, and altered the Standings spreadsheet with their genius sheet magic when I couldn't figure it out. Your many, many, many contributions to Doubles over the years may not be recognized enough but they continue to prove valuable to our community. Also thank you to big pichu, who took the effort to create a dynamic scheduling spreadsheet that was maintained very well throughout.

Other thank yous: to everyone taking the effort to participate in the predictions tournament — congratulations Lunar, thank you Smudge for offering and sorting out the prize —; to the various streamers such as Sam, eragon, Hugo, Memoric, bagel, and others who were part of the casts that helped hype the tour; to Memoric for covering DPL with oldgens tech of the week; to everyone who did or is planning on doing a teamdump, and to the staff (Estarossa and Lumari) that implemented the winner's banners. Without everyone's collective efforts DPL would not be nearly as exciting as it was this year; thank you everyone.

I learned a lot about hosting tournaments and communication in my position. I'm grateful for the opportunity and to be able to sort of participate in DPL for the first time. For now I'm looking forward to the upcoming Doubles Derby which I will co-host with Kaori and the National Dex DOU Kickoff Tour which is a new, exciting initiative by Smudge and big pichu. Hope to see you there!

Reminder to fill in the Post DPL 9 Survey if you haven't yet!
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